CJO Lectureship Series

The CJO Lectureship Series, which was launched in 2020, provides a valuable opportunity for researchers to share their high-impact work with leading institutions across Canada.

Thanks to the generous support of the COS Board of Directors and Elsevier, the CJO is pleased to offer each Ophthalmology program in Canada an annual stipend of $500.00 towards a grand rounds, local clinic day, or CME lecture given by a speaker whose work was recently published in the CJO.

How does it work?

Each program* is responsible for selecting, inviting, and scheduling the CJO speaker of their choice. There are only 2 requirements to qualify for the stipend:

  1. The selected speaker must be an author of an article published in the CJO within the previous 3 years, and
  2. The lecture must be recognized as part of the CJO Lectureship Series on the program’s schedule.


Want to participate in the CJO Lectureship Series?

To find out more about how your program can participate in the CJO Lectureship Series, contact the Managing Editor, Suzanne Purkis, at [email protected].

*Note: At this time, the CJO Lectureship Series is only available to Canadian Ophthalmology programs.