Eye love you

      Valentine’s Day is a time to say “I love you”; however, the term “eye love you” is rarely, if ever, used. In this article, we present rare cases of ocular pathology that have adopted a heart-shaped appearance. Cupid’s cornea (Fig. 1A) demonstrates a heart-shaped endothelial fungal plaque associated with metallic foreign body. Aphrodite’s atrophy (Fig. 1B) represents a fundus autofluorescence image of geographic atrophy that demonstrated a heart-shaped hypoautofluorescence. Finally, lover’s laser (Fig. 1C) depicts barrier laser retinopexy during vitrectomy surgery that was noted to have adopted the shape of a heart.
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      Fig. 1“Eye love you.” A, Cupid’s cornea. B, Aphrodite’s atrophy: fundus. C, Lover’s laser.

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